If people are notable in another field and have committed a crime, then please add them to the.


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Jul 10, 2018 · Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houten, and Patricia Krenwinkel were all members of the infamous Manson Family and helped to carry out the group's most notorious murders at the LaBianca and Tate residences.


Prior to 9/11, no other. List of the most notorious criminals ever. We’d be remiss if we started our list anywhere other than the case dubbed the “ trial of the century.


. If people are notable in another field and have committed a crime, then please add them to the specific category that more accurately relates to the crime. .

21st-century executions of American people‎ (198 P) 21st-century executions by the United States‎ (30 C) S. .

Pedro Lopez is linked to more than 300 murders in his native Colombia and in Ecuador and Peru.


. Lawrence Delevingne.

. Born to an unwed teenage sex worker,.

The following 10 21st century-made films either evoke classic murder mysteries, or exist as sendoffs to related genres equally dealing in murder-based plots.
List of the most notorious criminals of 20th century.

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One of the best-known was Brian Wright, once one of Britain’s most active. . .

O. He turned into a serial killer and killed 33 young men, mostly teenagers. 23rd. . Although female serial killers are thought to be less common than male serial killers, they certainly exist. Wuornos was eventually arrested and executed in.

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The Lindbergh Kidnapping ; Stealing the Mona Lisa, 1911 ; The Fake Ape-Man, 1912 ; The Fatty Arbuckle Scandal, 1920 ; The Black Dahlia, 1947 ; The Brinks.



He is said to have killed seventeen women and raped many.